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I am a Seattle based photographer who absolutely loves taking portraits. I’ve done head shots, catalogue, fashion work, and product photography, but nothing compares to watching someone come alive in front of my lens, inhibitions shed, truly being who they want to be. It’s a very therapeutic process for many, myself included. My interest in photographing my first subject actually preceded my interest in photography itself. She’s a beautiful girl who didn’t know she was beautiful, so I decided to prove it to her. I enjoyed the experience so much that I haven’t stopped since.

Services offered for single shoots:

Actor/Model Headshots
Dress Up for Grown Ups (themed/character shoots)
Boudoir/Pin Up
Artistic Nudes
Couple Shoots

Package for Multiple Shoots:

Confidence Building! We will work together over a period of three months, one shoot per month, plus emotional support while we build you up, and make you look and feel wonderful! If you’re camera shy, this is the perfect experience for you! It’s amazing how many people end up feeling empowered in the rest of their lives as well as better confidence in front of a camera.

I can be reached at liz@zusevdesigns.net

Let’s chat and figure out the best photo shoot option for you!


“I wish that people could understand just how much our work together has done for my self-esteem. To participate in art that way is extremely empowering. “-Heather, 36

“Liz is a true professional who is able to create an air of collaboration around the process even when you clearly have no idea what you are doing. She has a particular expertise in targeting a person’s precise personality and finding a way to put them at ease in what can often be a charged situation, and her results are always spectacular. Absolutely would love to shoot with her again, or make myself available should she have some outrageous concept come to her.” -Ryan, 38

“Liz has been able to take an awkward camera-shy man and make him feel at home and look great. I’d shoot with Liz any time.” -David, 38

“I had absolutely no idea I could look like that!” – Anna, 32

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